Maple City Market

2021 MCM Board Election

We’re excited to present our 2021 slate of candidates for the MCM Board of Directors! 

This year we have six candidates for five open seats. You may vote for up to five candidates. You must be a current Co-op Member in good standing for your vote to be counted. 

Click on each image to enlarge it.

Meet the Candidates…

Thank you to each of the candidates for their interest and willingness to serve on the co-op’s board. Co-op board elections is how our co-op members exercise Cooperative Principle #2: Democratic Member Control

  • Voting will close on Sunday July 11th. 
  • Click on the photos below to read each of the candidate’s statements. 
  • Click on the “Vote Here” button to cast your vote!

You will need to provide an email and/or phone number to validate your ballot. Thank you to Marquette Food Co-op IT Department in Marquette, Michigan for administering our online voting again this year!

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